We understand that when a client who has not had any contact with a solicitor and finds themselves in a position when they require legal advice, it is usually when they are at low point because of either  a relationship breakdown or a loss of a loved one and they may find it very daunting. This is often due to the fact that they have heard horror stories about the legal costs involved.


The fact is that good advice should save you money and if handled correctly the cost can be more reasonable that you might think.

With this in mind, I offer a free initial consultation by telephone or by e-mail. Alternatively if you require face to face meeting, I offer a thirty minute fixed fee appointment for £100.00 plus vat without any commitment to using my services.

There are a  number of fixed fee costs offered in the following areas:

Divorce – undefended, Separation Agreements, Co-Habitation  Agreements, Pre-Marriage Agreements and Financial Consent Orders.
Wills  and  Lasting Power of Attorney – creation and registration.

Deed of Variation.

Further, if the service you require is not covered under a fixed fee rate, you will always be given an estimate and a costs update on a regular basis and can agree to a monthly payment scheme to guarantee that you will not be hit with an unexpected bill.

We have a Legal Aid Contract for Family Matters but it is limited to victims of domestic violence, where there is a risk of child abuse and public law children proceedings ( social services involvement).
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